Rejuven8d Cleanse On-Demand

A Lifestyle Transformation doesn’t occur over night. As you become more aware and empowered you will be able to make changes at your own pace. The program has built in self-accountability measures and also encourages self-discipline and personal responsibility.

It’s A Lifestyle

The Rejuven8d Cleanse is Lifestyle Transformation designed to bring out the best version of yourself mentally and physically. Centered around establishing habits that  align your your actions with your goals, which in turn will promote health and wellness, and prevent/reverse potential any ailments you may current have.  Truly a master cleanse, A mental, physical, and lifestyle cleanse which are all essential  phases of the transformation that awaits you.

The Rejuven8d Cleanse is a highly flexible and customized program designed for long term and sustainable success. Providing you the awareness and tools to ensure you continue healthy habits beyond the course of the Rejuven8d Cleanse.

In addition to lifestyle tips. The Rejuven8d Cleanse has a revolutionary cleanse stacking approach focusing on using food as medicine. An essential part of the program is releasing several pounds of toxins,  Food education is reinforced through weekly modules, documentaries, quizzes, and more to provide awareness to the power of foods and to debunk the myths about the food industry. This provides you to live your best life in your best body. This provides you to live your best life in your best body. This provides you to live your best life in your best body.

Sometimes our Health or other Lifestyle factors prevent us from living our best life. The Rejuven8d Cleanse provides you the opportunity to restart your health and establish habits to adjust your lifestyle which in turn will help you become healthier, happier, more productive, truly the best version of yourself…in all areas.

Being Healthy is not the goal, Being Healthy is Essential to Reaching your goals, and living your Best Life.


Self Awareness

We believe that awareness is The CORE to making a permanent lifestyle change. Weight Loss isn’t the goal, some people want to gain weight other want to lose, but we all want to be Happy. We let others or society dictate what happiness is certain type of careers, body type, and activities. It’s time to make yourself a priority and determine what makes happy. Rejuven8d is determined with a tested plan, road-map and dedicated coaches to help you live your Best Life

We want to put you in position to live that life that you’ve always want it. We focus on educating and providing knowledge so that you become more aware of your health and how their health and happiness are effected. Awareness also presents the opportunity to take  control of your health, connecting the dots yourself and getting a better grasp on the reasons you feel the way you do. As your awareness increases, you will gradually make decisions that are aligned with your goals and lead you into reaching your full over potential.


Mindset Training

   The Rejuven8d Cleanse is rooted in mindset training and is accomplished by habit formation. The mindset includes self discipline, commitment, and persistent. The belief that these are the cards that life dealt us and we just have to deal with it is a debilitating mindset. You have more power that you ever imagined. Inside each of us is a inner hero, buried beneath negative thoughts, food toxins, and lifestyle barriers. Now is the crucial time to break free from the fixed mindset approach that some of us have, the belief that no matter how smart or hard working your are, you can’t change your situation. The Rejuven8d Cleanse will reassure you that with hard work and perseverance you can change your situation and always look for an opportunity to expand their knowledge, and have the belief that they can create their your ideal life. Unleash your Inner Superhero!

Use Food As Medicine  

In our current health system we don’t view food as medicine, we only view pills as medicine, most with side effects. Food is medicine, but that concept alone will disrupt our current health care model  However, the foods that we eat every single day is the key determinant of all overall health. We first educate then help you transition to a Whole Food Plant Based diet (according to Dr ___is more effective than medicine). This transition doesn’t happen overnight and with the help of recipes, educations, and a desire to want to feel better, a true health transformation awaits. After experimenting with the plant based diet, you will find out which way of eating brings the most best version of you.Whether you want to transition to 100% plant based or whether you want to find the root cause of your symptoms and gain more energy and you’re willing to eliminate/minimize meat and dairy, this program will help you adjust accordingly.      


Bio Individualized Program

Bio individuality means we’re are different. Rejuven8d Cleanse is respects the person before the theory. We all different cultures, traditions, we all like different food and that's okay! We can all be healthy. We teach you how to be healthy no matter what your budget or background is. This is not a one sized fits all program. After the program some people will abstain from meat and dairy, others may limit their intake, we’re all different, we have different goals, different lifestyles, and we’re here to guide you to find what works For You.

Health is Wealth- Become the CEO of your own life.

We are have our own unique goals and aspirations in life, you need your health in order to get there. Your health is your vehicle. If you accomplish your goals but you don’t have your health? Will you be happy? If you accomplish your goals but you don't healthy relationships, finances, or spirituality, will you be happy?

The Rejuven8 Cleanse helps you at a holistic level to become healthy. Create a Lifestyle that for you that includes healthy nutrition and habits that will become second nature (mindless).

You are the boss of your own life. Whats your 5 year plan? Whats your 10 year plan? Is the way you are currently living your life set up for success for the long term. Our health is like your own personal business, you must invest to see it grow. The return is priceless. You’re worth it.

Services (Improve your current state from an experienced professional who will provide a blueprint to improve and sustain your well-being)

  • 1:1 With With a Health Coach
  • Health Assessment (Health history)
  • Nutrition review
  • Lifestyle Review
  • Improving Primary Foods (Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity)
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Work Life Balance
  • Making Yourself a Priority

Rejuven8d Cleanse Features

  • 12 Weekly Modules Delivered via On-Demand Video
  • 12 Week Step By Step Roadmap delivered through PDFS
  • Articles, Resources, Worksheets: that will increase your knowledge about nutrition, stress management, and healthy habits
  • Recipes
  • Grocery List
  • Bonus Material:  12 Week Plant Based Warrior Program with meal plan, detox on go, flat tummy burner, and 12 week workout plan

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It offers a community of like-minded people reaching for their best.While surrounding yourself within this community you will be able to share your experiences and inspire each other to overcome. You will be able grow WITH your Rejuven8d community and be empowered by each other daily.

Who’s story has impacted you? Who story is the reason you are here? It is important to remember that everybody is starting from a different place, some people may need more encouragement, while others find comfort and knowing that they aren’t going through this change is habits. Share your ideas, successes, obstacles, and ultimately your journey with people who have similar goals and aspirations to become the best version of themselves.  You never know who your story may impact, and who’s life you may change.

Life is better when you don’t have to go through it alone. Work with people who support you and help you in areas of weakness and expanding your greatness. When you do, you may find you may go further than you ever thought possible on your own.

Our clients and their transformations were serving to be a source of inspiration, motivation, and positive energy that had an effect on so many others. Our goal now is to expand Rejuven8d and get it on a platform where I can reach an even larger audience. Ultimately, we all have an expiration date, it’s more important to live your life having the most quality years, being vibrant, energetic, and Rejuven8d well into your senior years.

I would like you all to share your unique story with someone, a co worker, a friend, a family member,  and use Rejuven8tion the private FB group to Share your story. Who’s story has impacted you? Who story is the reason you are here? It is important to remember that everybody is starting from a different place, some people may need more encouragement than others.

Again, I highly encourage you to tell a friend or loved one what helped you changed and what helped you get onto your current path. Seriously, Share your story, you never know who it will impact.

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