Why Work With A Health Coach?

Have you felt that your doctor had his eye on the clock more than you? Have you ever felt rushed during your doctors visit?  How long do you spend with your doctor 5-10 mins? If you’re lucky, right?

In a short period of time your doctor needs to quickly assess your symptoms and develop a plan to stabilize you and get you out. Many times this plan is accomplished by providing prescription drugs (which may not have been necessary). And the thought of using food as medicine, holistic alternatives, or non-prescription drug options aren't even considered! But its not your doctors fault. It’s part of the current health care system that we are all apart of. The focus is on sickness not wellness.


In our currently health care model,your doctor doesn’t have the time nor is he trained and have the skill set to discuss with you about healthy habits or nutrition nor does he have time to discuss your lifestyle and activity levels nor does your doctor have time to discuss any added stress in your life that comes from your career, finances, or relationships.


But not surprising, these are the discussion necessary that may actually keep you well and out of the hospital to begin with. However we now live in a society where chronic diseases have outnumbered acute diseases. In fact 86% of our health care dollars are now spent on the treatment of chronic disease-the nations leading cause of death and disability.


These are preventable chronic diseases, the majority are caused by lifestyle, and are not what our current health care system is designed to manage. The true cost of sick care model that we live in are deaths that could have been prevented, lifelong disability,compromised quality of life, and burdening health care cost.

After years of frustration, non-personalized attention, and unremarkable results, are you ready to heal yourself through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes?

Accomplish this Through The Power of Health Coaching

Our health coaches are equipped which a unique set of skills that help you develop a long term plan to keep you healthy and motivated, while holding your accountable.


We support our clients to achieve their health goals (as varied as they may be), through lifestyle and behavior modifications. Everything from losing 30-60 pounds, to de-stressing, gaining energy, providing mental clarity, improving nutrition, and helping tame autoimmune diseases.


Not only are we health experts, but we also mentor, inspire, motivate, cultivate positive choices, and guide you during this transformation. We believe this is true health care at its best.


What is a Health Coach?

Our coach have been professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired goals.

Your personal Health Coach who will help you identify your goals, and develop an actionable plan to accomplish them. Successful people from all walks of life CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and even professional athletes utilize a coach! The benefits include experience, support, accountability, and a unique objective perspective and insight of a coach to maximize your results.


What does a Health Coach do?

A health coach will encourage and empower clients on variety of personal and nutrition issues. A coach will help you grow and live your best life, in your best body, operating in your healthiest mind by analyzing your current situation, identifying existing and potential obstacles and develop a highly specific and personalized plan to help you achieve your desired goals.


We Have the Time

The truth of the matter is that most people know that they need to do to be healthy. They just don’t do it. You know eating donuts is not healthy, you know this, but there’s a lot of factors that go into why you still eat it.


We have the time to go beneath the surface and find out the WHY…the medical doctors don’t.


Building your relationship with your coach.

Accountability and Support system is a two way street, your coaches are here to guide you but can’t do the work for you. In order to continue to grow, it is important to connect with your coaches regularly and keep an open and honest relationship. Be open to new ideas,habits, and feedback as we work together to create a lifestyle that's fun, sustainable, and aligned with your true goals.  (Expectations)


As a client, you bring Rejuven8d immense value by providing your unique story, experience, and journey.  As we help you create a lifestyle that will enable you to live your best life. By sharing your experience, you’re able to help us to create programs that will help people who are just like you. We thank you in advance for choosing you,and being committed to unleashing your inner hero and inspiring others to do the same.

The relationship between the client and health coach seeks to:

  • Discover your WHY (encourage clients self-discovery) Support System encourage clients during their transformation
  • Clarify the vision and create a action plan that will help client obtain and sustain their goals
  • Identify potential roadblocks
  • Accountability that will encourage and challenge clients to increase productivity and growth


Have you struggled with self-discipline? Allow the coaches to help you create and sustain structure in your life.    

Some of us lack the motivation, self belief, and a plan to take on a lifestyle transformation which can  seem very intimidating. Nobody said you had to go through this alone. At Rejuven8d,we have transformation specialists here to provide you support and guide you every step of the way.  Our coaches will make sure you are consistent and that your actions are aligning with your goals.  


Transformation sounds fun, but it doesn’t come overnight, its a journey. There will be ups and downs along the way, we have a road map and guides for you to ensure success. The specialists will keep the fire burning reminding you of why you need to keep the promises you made to yourself.

Diagram: Lifestyle Review, Nutrition Review,


Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, and as great as he was, he didn’t win a championship without a coach.  


Support System

Do you feel you have the support you need to help you accomplish to successfully complete a Lifestyle Transformation?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through this alone.


As you go through this Lifestyle Transformation, it’s important to surround yourself with positive and reliable people who can walk alongside you through triumphs and obstacles that may occur. As your health coach, we’re an integral part of your support system which is crucial to your success.


A support system can help you be compliant. A good support system and accountability partner will encourage you BUT ALSO challenge you to ensure you don’t fall short of your goals. Learn how to create healthy boundaries, avoid and rid toxins in your food and personal relationships, and get help removing obstacles that have been preventing you from reaching your full potential.


Having a support system will improve your chances of long term success compared to going through this program alone.Our coaches are prepared to offer you with the support and reliability you will need during your shift to betterment.


Did you know that 95% of dieters fail within a year and more than 70% of gym goers quit lets than 90 days.Its no coincidence people are quick to hop onto the next fad diet.


How Does the 12 Week Coaching Program Work

The first you will work with a health coach to clearly define your vision: Whats your WHY? What’s the basis of your goals? What truly drives you. After those questions are answered you will work with your health coach to identify any physical or mental barriers that have been holding you back. Discuss how these obstacles and patterns have gotten in your way, and how you can move past them. Finally, you and your health coach will establish challenging but achievable goals.


You and your health coach will meet bi-monthly over 3 months to assess your current position and measure your progress and identify any current or potential obstacles. After preparing for potential obstacles and a plan how to cope with them, you and your health coach will review your resources and action plan that will be required for continued growth and success. Your health coach will ensure that each action plan is aligned with your WHY. You will be empowered to stay committed and on track during your transformation.


The Program Includes

  • Discovery Session (Discovering your Why)
  • Bi Weekly Phone Calls (can be done phone, zoom, google hangouts)
  • E-Mail Support Between Sessions
  • Coaching and support to make dietary and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals
  • Personalized Support, Inspiration, and Encouragement
  • Additional Resources: Recipes, Articles, Videos, Self Care ideas, Lifestyle Hacks


What You’ll Get:

  • Develop a plan to achieving ideal body weight:
  • Live Your Best Life In Your Best Body: Feel great in your own body!
  • Understand and Reduce Cravings
  • Learn how to make getting healthy FUN
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Increase self awareness and self concept
  • Mindset training that will help be happy, healthy, and more productive in all areas
  • Learn how to Use Food as Medicine: Prevent/Reverse Symptoms
  • Discover the confidence you’ve always wanted to to create the life you’ve always dreamed


This Program is Right For You If:

  • You want to learn how to go within and truly find Happiness
  • You want to be Healthy in all areas (physically, relationships, career, and spiritually)
  • You want to be more productive
  • You want more energy
  • You are looking for a Lifestyle Change not a Diet
  • You want more self confidence
  • You want to make yourself a priority
  • You want control over your eating habits and cravings
  • You want to be more present and tune in to what’s going on emotionally
  • You are excited about unleashing your inner superhero
  • You are Ready to Invest In Yourself