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What's Keeping You From Living Your Best Life?
Are You Secretly Unhappy?

Everyday, we see more people opening up about their struggles with unhappiness or 'smiling depression'. We know what that's like. Is it holding you back too?

Does Your Health Hold You Back?

Everyone wants to feel healthy. Many of us put it off until later. Sometimes we pay the costs sooner than later. Has that happened to you at all?

Is It Hard To Get Things Done?

Have you not been making yourself a priority? Have you been for pouring from an empty cup and you're feeling drained. Is it time to fill your cup?

Healthier People Are Happier, And Lead More Productive Lives. Period.
Start creating the best version of your life now!
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Introducing the Rejuven8d Cleanse.
Your ‘Best You’ Is Closer Than You Think.

The Rejuven8d Cleanse is a Lifestyle Transformation Program that focuses on health from a holistic approach, beyond the simple lens of nutrition or fitness alone.

The Rejuven8d Cleanse will help you find balance between your career, your kitchen and your relationships.

Our proven framework and step-by-step roadmap guides you through your own life-changing, self-transformation, through mindset training, healthy habit formation and learning how to use food as medicine.

The Rejuven8d Cleanse is designed to unleash a happier, healthier and more productive version of You.

A 12 Week Roadmap For Living
Your Best Life
Phase 1:

Mindset is what separates those who have potential from those whoREACH their potential. In this module, you'll focus on cultivating the right mindset. We'll introduce compelling content and short assignments that will challenge your perspective and lay the foundation for successful habit formation.

Phase 2:

To become your Best Self, you'll need your Best Body. In this module, you'll experience a dramatic change in your physical body, energy levels, clarity and symptoms as you begin removing decades of toxin accumulation within 3-4 weeks. You'll reset your body and be bragging to friends about how you feel the best you've

Phase 3:

First, we create transformation. Then we sustain it. If health is like great music, in this module, you'll become the DJ, learning what 'knobs & dials' to adjust to maintain peak health. You'll learn how to identify food trigger and how to maintain your healthy habits and integrate them into your lifestyle.

The Rejuven8d Cleanse is a Lifestyle Transformation Program Like No Other.
Unlock The Natural Energy SurplusYou Need To Thrive

You'll learn how to make yourself clearer & happier, which willleads to being more efficient, be more productive

Learn How To Live Your Best Life inYour Best Body

Learn how to use Food as Medicine and get your ideal body weight naturally, and while eliminating daily fatigue & brain fog.

Not A "One-Sized Fits All" Program

There's no one way of eating or living that suits everyone the same. Live a lifestyle thats designed and customized just for you.

Get Control Over Your Health Destiny

Unlearn false truths and cultivate habits that align your actions & purpose, so that you can live YOUR truth.

You'll Feel The Best You've Ever Felt In Your Life
Start creating the best version of your life now!
Success Stories

After trying everything to get rid of my migraines, I finally got rid of them, and the way I look at food is now forever changed. Now I see food as medicine.


I did the Rejuven8d Cleanse initially as a challenge but it created discipline in me that I didn't think I had. The biggest benefit I received was the amount of energy I gained


I now know my eating habits are directly related to how I feel. I now have a lifetime commitment to myself to be the healthiest version of me possible


It wasn't the fact that I lost over 60lbs in just 3 months, it wasn't even the fact that my automimmune symtoms went away. It was teh ability i gained to reclaim control of my health that I'm most grateful for.


I do well with accountability and Nate made that easy. He’s very supportive and checked in with me regularly. The program was very personalized to my needs and goals. I received super helpful information and tools that help me get back on track if needed.


I did the Rejuven8d Cleanse to find a way to get more energy and be more productive! The Rejuven8d Cleanse kickstarted my all kinds of health improvements and the best part is that my migranes went away!


Ups and Downs in life are expected. Nate gave me what I was missing, a plan so I can now easily get back on track and continue reaching my goals. Not to mention I have more energy, mental clarity, and I feel empowered!


I found new ways to motivate myself, learned that I am capable of way more than I thought and I started to become more aware of my body. I feel happier and healthier, and I always have my comeback plan.


Over the course of 30 days, I lost close to 30lbs...and maintaining it has become easy because of this course it has become a lifestyle


This program has changed my life. This isn’t about a diet, it's a lifestyle. I began this program being a pre-diabetic and after the month of physical cleansing, I lost over 20lbs! and my H1AC levels returned to normal! I am no longer pre-diabetic and I’ve formed new habits that I will continue to use forever.


I lost over 30lbs! BUT I learned that true transformation begins on the inside. I began healing from the inside out and my external appearance became a reflection of what’s inside, not the other way around. Juicing, work-life balance, and the habits I developed are now part of my daily routine and I’m still making progress in all areas of my life. I’m proud of myself for doing this program!


The program showed me how to be more mindful about my eating habits and make smarter decisions in my everyday life. I connected the dots between my eating, lifestyle, and overall happiness, which led to my transformation. The key thing for me is that I don’t have to be perfect all the time. It’s okay to make mistakes, but I need to plan my comeback

We’ve Been There.
And Back.
It's your turn now, and we're here to help.
Nate Liggins

RN, Personal Trainer (NASM),Certified Health Coach

Neal Liggins

Certified Health Coach, Certified Digestive Health & Diabetes Specialist

We created Rejuven8d to help everyday people discover the secrets we've learned to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilled lifestyle. We know the struggle, grind, and the unhappiness that comes from being unable to reach your full potential. We know the joy and fulfillment that comes from overcoming this. We created Rejuven8d, and the Rejuven8d Cleanse, to help people transition from 'Stressed Life' to 'Best Life'.

Our unique background combines nearly a decade of experience in the fields of western medical, mental and holistic health science. We've led dozens of people in Northern California through spectacular health transformations, and as brothers, business partners, and best friends, we've explored the finer aspects of self-transformation.

We believe that more people feeling like their 'Best Self' will create a better world for all of us. This is truly what motivates us to see you have the same success as those shown here.

What's Holding You Back?
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